Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Newly revised Midwifery case forms for the Licensure Examination

Download file here

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University Vision:

A distinct center of excellence in human, material and natural resources development, globally relevant and competitive, and focused on responsible citizenship, sustained economic growth and improvement of the quality of the life of the Filipino.

University Philosophy:

The university aims at the development of man in his totality with a critical mind and appropriate technology to adapt to his environment and contribute to the balanced growth and progress of the society it serves.

University Mission:

As stated in Charter (PD 1778), it shall provide advanced instruction in the arts, agriculture, fisheries, engineering, and natural sciences, as well as in the technological and professional fields; to promote research and engage in extension work.

Vision of ICHAMS:

Graduates of ICHAMS are acclaimed as competent agents in promoting primary and advanced health and medical services to the community through quality and relevant programs (IRE) with modern and indigenous technologies, contributing to the physical, mental and social well-being, of communities and people.

Mission of ICHAMS:

The ICHAMS shall provide quality education in Primary health and modern medical professions focusing on the well being of people and environment and engaging in basic and applied research which shall be operationalized in the barangays as its community